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In the Loop: DC Media

Getting a message out to a Capitol City audience takes extreme diligence, creativity, and good timing. The DC media - whether government technology trade magazines or 'inside politics' publications - is a fast and furious business and even the most newsworthy events may only get a brief shot at the spotlight.

It's important to understand how a client's message might appeal to this media machine. First, the appropriate publications need to be identified, the right reporters singled out, and the message delivered in a way that will not only capture the reporter's attention, but will be interesting to their readers as well. The most crucial element in this process is educating the reporter or editor on how a client's news fits into the bigger picture and how the client's news will impact or tie into a newsworthy issue, program, policy or trend.

Lincoln Park PR has in-house media experts and strategic DC partners that can identify the issues and news angles that clients can impact or comment on. From lobby firms to senior political and media strategists, we understand how such specialized expertise can bolster media outreach efforts for our clients.

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